While drought conditions are not currently an issue this year, we urge our customers to follow the watering schedules and use the water conservation tips found on our website. Water is one of our most valuable resources. We encourage you to do your part to conserve this resource at this time.

Water Service Line Survey

To comply with EPA regulations, public water systems are required to complete an inventory of service lines, and this survey plays a vital role in helping your public water system fulfill this obligation effectively.

Falls Water Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow prevention testing is an important annual step to comply with Falls Water’s enforcement of the State of Idaho’s cross-connection safety requirements for water systems in the state.  If you have an automatic sprinkler system or a connection to an alternative water source on your property, you are required to have a backflow prevention device such as a pressure vacuum breaker assembly (PVB) or an atmospheric Vacuum Breaker Assembly (AVB) installed on your property.  The backflow device must be inspected annually by a certified backflow tester.  The cost of the annual testing is the customer’s responsibility.  Information about certified backflow testers in our area can be found below.

Falls Water Cross-Connection Program

We are requesting data from you to update our cross-connection program. The purpose of this program is to keep your drinking water safe from potential contamination. Many types of potential cross-connections exist in the water system. Some of the most common examples are irrigation sprinkler systems, swimming pools, hot tubs, private wells, etc.  To gather information about the potential cross connections in the water system, we request all customers, both residential and commercial, to complete the survey. We appreciate your help in identifying possible sources of contamination.

Idaho Public Utilities Commission approves new rates effective December 15, 2023

 the Idaho Public Utilities Commission has issued Order No. 36027 to approve new utility rates effective December 15, 2023.

Falls Water Watering Schedule

In order to continue to provide efficient water service and water pressure to our customers, it is necessary to implement a restriction for outside watering of lawns and landscaping. Starting April 15th through October 15th each year, outside water use will be limited to every other day as follows:

About the company

Falls Water Co., Inc. began service in 1958, it currently serves 6,200 connections. Falls Water-Taylor Mountain Water serves 181 connections. Falls Water-Morningview Water serves 135 connections.

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Our employees are dedicated and it shows in the longevity of their careers with Falls Water Company Inc. Our employees are also committed to delivering quality service and value to our customers.  

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