Falls Water Co., Inc. - Rates and Termination Rules

Water Rates

Minimum Charge* for:

5/8 and Meters

1 Meters

1-1/2 Meters

2 Meters

4 Meters







Max usage included in minimum charge:

12,000 gallons

17,000 gallons

22,000 gallons

28,000 gallons

49,000 gallons

Excess Use Charge for water use in excess of max usage included in minimum charge for meter size.


Per Thousand Gallons over max usage included in minimum charge.

Restoration of Service During Office Hours


Reconnect during business hours - 8 am to 5 pm

Restoration of Service After Office Hours


Reconnect after business hours 5 pm to 8 am

Field Collection Fee


If payment on account is collected at customers home while serviceman is onsite to disconnect service for non-payment of account.

Meter Test Fee


Charged when customer requests the accuracy of the meter be tested and the error in the meter registration is less than 1.5%.

Late Payment Fee

1% of past due balance

Monthly fee charged on delinquent balance as of the date the bills are created.

Bad Check Fee


Charge for checks returned to our bank for non-sufficient funds or other reasons.

Hookup Charges for new connections:


1 Meter

1 Meter

2 Meter







Per new connection

Per new connection

Per new connection

Per new connection

Customer billings are calculated on water usage between meter readings. Meters are read approximately the 15th of each month. Effective October 16, 2012, meters will be read year round. Statements are mailed approximately the 25th of each month. All billings are due by the 15th day of the month following the billing date.

*Minimum charge is not a pro-ratable charge.

Water Termination of Service Rules (Summarized)

Your water service can be disconnected for (1) non-payment of delinquent bills, (2) failure to abide by the terms of a payment arrangement, (3) fraudulent or unauthorized use of service, or (4) violation of utility rules.

Notice of proposed termination will be sent at least one week prior to the proposed termination date. If more than twenty-one days elapse after the proposed termination date before the actual date, then an additional 24-hour notice will be attempted.

Termination of service can be stopped or delayed by correcting the delinquency, making reasonable payment arrangements, certifying that a medical emergency exists, or filing a complaint with the Idaho public utilities Commission.

Customers having difficulty paying their water bill should contact us to make payment arrangements. Following a payment plan will prevent termination of service on delinquent accounts.


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Last Updated November 27, 2012.