About Falls Water Company

Important Information for our customers about your water service.


Your water is supplied through a network of several inter-connected deep wells throughout the area. The computer controlled pumps and distribution system automatically deliver water to meet the fluctuating demand.

The water is tested frequently by an independent laboratory to be sure that it meets all state and federal water quality standards.  The water is disinfected with a liquid chlorine solution.  The disinfection level is monitored daily.

Falls Water Co., Inc. operates in compliance with and is regulated by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC). You may contact the Idaho Public Utilities Commission by calling their toll free line at 1-800-432-0369.


1. During severe cold weather you can prevent your plumbing from freezing by running a pencil lead sized stream of water.  Frozen plumbing is costly and inconvenient. You, the customer, are responsible to repair any freeze-up beyond the meter barrel.  Another alternative to running a pencil lead sized stream of water is to install heat tape and insulation on pipes exposed to extreme temperatures in crawl spaces or near exterior walls.

2. Make sure you know where the main water shutoff valve in your house is located in case you have a "plumbing emergency".


Our meter readers and service personnel must have access to the water meter located on your property. Be careful not to cover the meter with landscaping and if you fence your yard be sure to leave the meter on the outside of the fence.  The cover is a round cast iron lid marked as “Water” or “Water Meter” near where the water line enters your property.  The company will maintain the water service line from the water main in the street up to and including the meter and its fittings inside the meter barrel.  Any maintenance and/or repairs to the service line past the meter fittings in the meter barrel is the home owners responsibility.


Any customer with a fire hydrant located on his property is responsible to make sure that access to the hydrant is not blocked by landscaping, trees and shrubs, or by fences. Fire department personnel must be able to easily get to all sides of a hydrant in the case of a fire.


Falls water does have established watering days and we urge you not to waste water. A nozzle or sprinkler must always be used when watering your lawn. Use of an "open hose" can result in termination of service.

BEFORE YOU DIG Call 1-800-342-1585 or 811

Before you excavate on your property or in the public right-of-way you need to call Dig Line at 1-800-342-1585 or 811. Dig Line will contact all of the utilities serving the area so the utilities can mark their underground lines. Don't forget to call before you dig: It's the law and it could save you thousands of dollars by preventing damage to utility lines.

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Last Updated October 16, 2018.