In order to continue to provide efficient water service and water pressure to our customers, it is necessary to implement a restriction for outside watering of lawns and landscaping.  Starting April 15, 2019 through October 15, 2019 outside water use will be limited to every other day as follows:

1.  Homes that have even numbered house addresses may water lawns and landscapes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2.  Homes that have odd numbered house addresses may water lawns and landscapes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

3.  Anyone may water outside on Sunday.

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2180 N Deborah Dr * Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Phone 208-522-1300 * Fax 208-522-4099


WHO ARE WE?   Falls Water Co., Inc. is an Idaho corporation operating as a regulated public water utility providing municipal water service to a portion of Bonneville County east of Idaho Falls, Idaho and north of Ammon, Idaho. We have been supplying water service since 1958 and currently serve over 4,700 homes and businesses in the following subdivisions of Bonneville County:

Ammon-Lincoln Industrial Park

Country Corner Estates

Landmark Center

Red Rock Estates

Birchwood Estates

Crimson Valley

Lawndale Estates

Rettius Retreat

Berkley Park

Crow Creek

Lincoln Industrial Park

Ridge View

Boulder Creek

Denise Subdivision

Lincoln Park

Rock River


East Park

Lincoln Road

Stone Arbor

Burbank Industrial Park

Fairmont Village

Lincoln Town site

Summerset Addition

Calico Sky

Fall Creek Estates

McDonald’s Farm

Summit Park

Caribou Meadows

First Street Mobile Park

Mobile Home Estates

Trellis Square

Centennial Ranch

Grayson Addition

Monte Vista Subdivision

Victor Hanks Subdivision

Clover Canyon

Green Oak Meadows

North Spring Subdivision

Warm Springs Estates

Cloverdale Estates

Green Valley Estates

Old Mill Subdivision

Washington Park

Cornerstone Community

Henderson Subdivision

Pheasant Grove

Wolf Creek



Falls Water’s rate structure is mandated by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC). It is based upon the direct costs of supplying water to our customers. A portion of the charge is called the minimum charge and is currently $17.75 for 5/8” and ¾” meters in our service area and includes up to 12,000 gallons of water (See rates and rules link for rate information for larger meters). The minimum charge covers the fixed costs of providing service and a portion of the “commodity cost” of water service. The fixed costs are those costs of providing water service, which are not related to the amount of water used. One example is billing cost. The commodity costs are those costs, such as electrical pumping power, which vary directly with the amount of water provided. The balance of the commodity costs are included in the excess use charge of $0.689 per thousand gallons for water used above the 12,000 gallons included in the base charge. Most of the water used under the excess use charge is generally for lawn watering during the summer months.

Falls Water’s rates are among lowest rates of any IPUC regulated water systems in Idaho. We achieve low rates by controlling costs, while working to assure quality of service. The chart below shows Falls Water Co., Inc. metered charges compared to other metered water systems:


Gallons of Water Used in Billing Cycle


Falls Water Co., Inc.


Chubbuck, ID


Pocatello, ID


Ucon, ID


Rexburg, ID


Blackfoot, ID











































As you can see, the Falls Water rates are lower than other water systems.

Falls Water Co., Inc. works to provide its customers the safest water and the best possible service at the lowest possible rates.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions, or click on Talk to Us below.

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